Intense Whitening Underarm

Intense Whitening Underarm
Intense Whitening Underarm

CELESTY Flora Intense White Underarm - Prevents and resolves underarm darkening and other underarm issues. It contains natural healthy oil extracts which promote healthy skin and eliminates dark patches from your skin.
Enriched with Olive oil and Argan oil also known as the “GOLD of Morocco”. These ingredients prevent skin cells from darkening caused by plucking and shaving thus; visibly whitens underarm. While ingredients such as Eucalyptus Extract and Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, deeply moisturize skin.

In addition, Jojoba oil extract and Rosehip oil extract ingredients help keep armpits a breeding ground for bacteria that may causes unpleasant odor keeping a smooth cleaner, healthier and pretty pit.

  • Jojoba oil extract
  • Rosehip oil extract
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